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March 27, 2015 - May 17, 2015

The Arte Útil archive in Gallery Nova, Zagreb.

Initiated by What, How and for Whom? and Van Abbemuseum.

In Gallery Nova, the entire Arte Útil archive will be shown on a modular wooden structure designed by Peter Zuiderwijk, Collective Works. The exhibition at Gallery Nova is co-organized by the Van Abbemusuem, Eindhoven and curator Nick Aikens, in collaboration with WHW and Martina Kontošić. Alongside the archive, artists Dina Rončević and the initiative Kulturni lift will initiate new projects. Aiming to examine Arte Útil as a practice, history and methodology within the context of Croatia and abroad, a series of presentations and talks by invited artists as well as meetings by working group k.r.u.ž.o.k. will be held during the exhibition.

Dina Rončević (b. 1984), who for her graduation at Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb professionally re-qualified as a car mechanic (2010), will initiate a new project entitled Internship – rattess in which she will teach young women to drive and maintain motorbikes. After using the bikes, they will then pass the skills and bike to the next user. The project Kulturni lift (Cultural elevator), initiated by Jelena Pašić and Matija Kralj takes place in the elevator of the building in which they live. These ad hoc presentations include content that reflects on daily life in Zagreb. During the exhibition they will present three new editions of Kulturni lift newspapers, with various themes that connect art and everyday life. Working group k.r.u.ž.o.k., an informal group of cultural workers who irregulary and informally gathers to exchange knowledge, will organize two reading groups of texts tackling the question of the relationship between art and use.