Tools / Manual

Users are invited to download, print and build their own archive. The Arte Útil archive structure is a modular system that can be adapted by users.

The Arte Útil archive structure is a modular wooden display system. The structure is designed in such a way that users can modify it depending on the size and number of archive cards they wish to hang. Variables such as wood type, paint colour and using A3 or A4 cards will determine the final shape and form of the structure. Previous examples of the structure being used include the Van Abbemuseum in Eindhoven and Gallery Nova in Zagreb. This section also includes technical drawings for these structures. In the archive section of this site a selection of projects can be made based on date or field.


Download a Sketchup file of the structure shown above:

Arte Útil structure

Download of an A4 handout with the Arte util criteria:

Arte Útil structure

Download of an A4 handout with information about the Asociación de Arte Útil and a membership application from:

Arte Útil structure