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Nr. 079 / 2001- ongoing / India


Network of labs for young people focusing on technology and creativity.




The project consists of a network of 5 'Media Labs' set up in deprived neighbourhoods in Dehli especially dedicated to kids and women. The aim is to teach people how to use free software in order to save money and to open the access to technologies such as computers, digital photography and film-making. The topics covered include issues related to the social problems of the neighbourhoods in which they live. The workshops are structured with digital images and sound technologies, inviting participants to interpret the urban condition with imagination, a sense of humour, and criticality.




The Cybermohalla Project (Mohalla in Hindi and Urdu means neighbourhood) addresses the interface between information technology and creativity in the lives of young people who live in a highly unequal society.

Beneficial outcomes

Fostering understanding of important local issues through collective dialogue

Maintained by

Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (CSDS), Delhi; in collaboration with 'Ankur' (Society for Alternatives in Education)


Sarai: Ravi S. Vasudevan and Ravi Sundaram (both fellows at CSDS) and the members of the Raqs Media Collective;