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Nr. 527 / 2014-2017 / Spain

BioBui(L)t Txema

Self learning and collaboration in a self building construction using natural-compostables or re-used materials to create a public space


V. Maini (BaM), E. Silvestre, T. Solanas, J. Capell's, 20 professionals and activists.


Spain is a country with more than 25% of unemployment combined with huge political and social crises. In capital cities as Barcelona we find a high density of cultural institutions combined with large, dense and diverse populations but the lack of dialogue among different institutions and citizens is overwhelming, showing in all its roughness the economical and social cost of not being able to value human & space resources. The local government of Barcelona has opened the door for civil management of the space. BioBuil(L)t Txema is a collaborative self-built construction using natural-compostables or re-used materials to create a public space where develop 3 years of activities to show that is possible to create bridges among citizen, companies and institutions: learning, teaching and discussing around self-buildt systems, providing new models for citizens to build, use and living public spaces. It has created a collective design process, which has integrated the variable and free cooperation of passionate and qualified specialist. They will build a 90m2 polyvalent space created with healthy materials such as straw, clay, hemp, cane and lime. The construction is open to the public and it is expected to last a year. Once finished, it will allow the usage to everybody who wants to meet people, mingle with specialists and support each other to grow up in a healthier and fairer environment. The building is located next to many other important and cultural buildings.




Build a space that is an example and tool for other projects, showing to the citizens it is possible to auto-build / Experiment and collect data of the usage of materials like straw, clay and hemp / Promote technological innovation and citizens teamwork ability / Example of good practices in social and environmental impacts of construction / Create meeting spaces for knowledge exchange between professionals from different fields and citizens / Teach knowledge about healthy materials usage / Support small and/or specialists committed to healthy building / Set up a "machine" that creates a new economy using basically creativity and ability to connect fields of disperse know-how and material resources.

Beneficial outcomes

BioBui(l)t Txema’s space will be used for training, research and promotion of healthy building practices and activities in the Mediterranean area. They are willing to create a meeting and exchange space to enable the learning and promotion of the participant’s capabilities and innovative communication systems. This project and the construction retrieves the social purpose of the construction act.

Maintained by

BaM-Bioarquitectura Mediterranean Association, SiteSize, Olab, Labs, Meridiano70yMedio. Besides, they developed a crowd funding campaign and they have the support of many organizations like Barcelona Permaculture , Research Canyera , Sitesize , COAC Barcelona and companies offering materials such as Slow -House (ground), Casaspasivas ( straw) Hempsystem ( hemp ) , Olab -Labs ( digital manufacturing).


Citizens of Barcelona, professionals and anyone interested in self-built construction systems using natural-compostables or re-used materials.