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Rosas – Movie Set

A set which visitors can use to shoot a film or scene


Marinella Senatore


Born as part of Rosas – Movie Set was initially used by participants in Great Britain, including local organizations, single individuals, amateur theater groups, activists, filmmaker, associations, students, teachers, and artists.
Today proposed as an autonomous work, Movie Set presents itself as an actual production set with mirrors, dance bars, cinema lighting, smoke machines, and a professional movie camera. Here one may make films, videos, photographs, dance sessions, or stage other performances with the possibility of recording them. Placed at the disposal of visitors, who may book its use at the museum, the installation is an open platform, within which the artist’s role is to unleash production processes, thus offering people the opportunity to express their own individual creativity, socialize, and have fun.


Various Locations


To offer a free movie/photo set for free.

Beneficial outcomes

You can have professional equipment to shoot your own video or photos for free.

Maintained by

Marinella Senatore


Film makers, Photographers, Students, Artists