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Nr. 505 / 2000 - ongoing / Mexico

Taller Flora


Carla Fernández


Flora works as a mobile lab developed with indigenous communities. Every 2 months the Flora's team travel through different indigenous communities to research their systems of clothing production. Back to the city, the results of this research are drawn and catalogued to create a source of archive consisting of formal solutions that can be added to the language of design, Haute couture and Prêt-a-Portèr. Flora runs workshops with these communities to increase the artisan's creativity using methods that they already own. It facilitates the creation of new designs, without becoming part of a contracted factory of products. This pedagogy contributes in establishing contact with different cooperatives and reinforces networks that operates following the principles of fair trade and ecological materials.




The project aims to create a sustainable option that incorporates handcrafts processes integrated in the contemporary scene without be considered as Folklore.

Beneficial outcomes

Flora have production to supply different shops, increasing their catalogue and giving constant work to cooperatives. With Taller Flora, the artisans can make a living in their areas and they don't have to emigrate to the city.

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Carla Fernández


Carla Fernández, Taller Flora's team, indigenous communities, mode and design consumers.