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Problem solving through networking




The inhabitants of Kivalina, a small island situated in the arctic circle in northwest Alaska, live endangered by erosion caused by climate change, without running water or waste disposal. To address there issues WK teamed up with residents and experts to work on implementing solutions for specific problems. Their living space, surrounded by water, is constricted. Toilets are not available. There is no running water. In addition the world-largest zink mine
discharges into the water shed of the Wulik river. In summer 2012 a big storm ruined the existing pipe-system and flooded the local landfill.
Disposal of all waste is up to the residents as well. People still do traditional hunting and fishing, a local store provides canned and frozen food. Access to green vegetables is limited and expensive. Endangered by global climate change causing their land to be washed away the residents of Kivalina are in need of relocation.




WochenKlausur found so called “Agents of Change”, experts who are now sharing their knowledge and resources with the little arctic town of Kivalina. Together with the village they are developing alternatives and implement them on-site. To assist communication the online platform was created. A curatorial team coordinate the work of all Agents of Change and address more when needed.

Beneficial outcomes

WochenKlausur set up an office in the ACFNY Gallery's Upper Mezzanine, where several meetings with New York-based associations, interest groups, and activists took place. Each of the organizations was invited to use the space for one or two weeks for their purposes.

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