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NAC Foundation (New Ateliers Charlois)


Kamiel Verschuren and Jaap Verheul


The project is an independent non-profit organisation who manages affordable studio spaces and two guesthouses for emerging artists and other cultural workers. Located in the district of Charlois in Rotterdam, the foundation promotes cultural activities in the neighbourhood focused on urban development.
Users pay a fee to a collective fund, which is used for maintenance of the spaces, management and to support the cultural activities in collaboration with the local associations and authorities.




NAC works on the basis of trustful relationships and within the notion that freedom is generated through responsibility: “everything is possible and allowed as long as one can, and will take full responsibility for ones” actions.

Beneficial outcomes

Over 250 artists and architects have made use of the studios. NAC provides Dutch language courses for it members, cultural trips to exhibitions, public art works, and other artists’ initiatives, supports all applications under 500 euro. NAC is now an example for new ways of urban development.

Maintained by

NAC, district council of Charlois, Housing corporations, The Mya NAC culture fund.


NAC members, artists and the inhabitants of Oud-Charlois district, Wolphaertstraat, the housing block ‘t O-tje at Verboomstraat and the neighborhood Wielewaal.