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Nr. 062 / 2006 - ongoing / United States

Dorchester Project

Providing neighbours and local youth radical hospitality through physical transformation.


Theaster Gates


The project consists of a platform for art and cultural development in the Dorchester neighbourhood, Chicago. After refurbishing some buildings using repurposed materials from all over Chicago, the initiators co-organized the program of activities with residents and it offers free art workshops, it creates new cultural amenities and it develops affordable housing, studio for artists and live-work space. The core values of the project are: black people matter, black spaces matter and black things matter.


United States


To provide affordable housing, studio, and live-work space for residents of Dorchester, Chicago.

Beneficial outcomes

Provides cultural institutions in the neighbourhood, brings together different community organisations and individuals, creating what Gates calls ‘radical hospitality’.

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Theaster Gates


Theaster Gates, Inhabitants of South Dorchester Avenue.