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Nr. 553 / 2014 - ongoing / United States

Day after Debt

A long-term counter-finance strategy


Ahmet Öğüt


The artist conceived the project as a collaborative exhibition featuring five art-as-response pieces to the student loan crisis and the pressure it causes upon graduates. In its original version, Öğüt invited Natascha Sadr Haghighian, Superflex, Dan Perjovschi, Martha Rosler to present sculptures as collection points for public contribution to The Debt Collective, a student-debt canceling initiative launched by Strike Debt's Rolling Jubilee. Artworks were installed in museum public spaces such as corridors and entrance ways.
To complete the project, Öğüt collaborated with a lawyer to write a Letter of Agreement between the artists and potential owners of the pieces, which states the possibility to continue raising funds for the Debt Collective through the artworks. Earnings must be donated to Strike Debt to buy back students’ loan.


United States


To raise funds for Strike Debt to buy back Student Loans.

Beneficial outcomes

To buy back Student Loans.

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The artist and hosting institutions


Artists, curators, activists, students