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Nr. 552 / 2006 - ongoing / US

Beauty in trasition

A beauty salon which provides beauty services to people living in homeless shelters


Jody Wood


The project consists of a mobile hair salon built inside an old ice cream truck. The pop-up salon provides beauty services to people living in homeless shelters, including hair wash, cut, and color from a team of volunteer stylists. While offering access to a cosmetic service may seem unessential for people who always negotiate for basic services, ‘Beauty in Transition’ provides a space where people feel dignified by choosing self-representation.




To provide cosmetic services to people living in homeless shelters.

Beneficial outcomes

People can have cosmetic services for free. By experiencing an ‘unnecessary’ service they may re-access a part of their forgotten identity linked to how they appear in society.

Maintained by

A Blade of Grass, Brooklyn Arts Council, Asian Arts Initiative, ArtPlace America, the Visual Artist Network Exhibition Residency, Esopus Foundation.


People living in homeless shelters