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Nr. 460 / 2012 - ongoing / Sri Lanka, United Kingdom

When Platitudes Become Form


Christopher Kulendran Thomas


The project when-platitudes-become-form by Christopher Thomas Kulendran, involves re-configuring, for the Western art market, the works of Sri Lanka's young artists. Taking the whole system by which art is distributed as its own materials, the project aims to raise funds in support of the communities displaced by the civil war, channelling non-government controlled resources to the formerly Tamil-occupied territories.


Sri Lanka, United Kingdom


To translate what counts as ‘contemporary’ in Sri Lanka into what is expected of the ‘contemporary’ at the heart of art-imperial power.

Beneficial outcomes

The project raises funds; establishes an online / offline media platform for social change (an open-source tool that can be taken up by anyone anywhere); is based on Forum Theatre (Augusto Boal) within communities displaced by civil war; channels resources that are not under government control to the formerly Tamil-occupied territories.

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Christopher Kulendran


Christopher Kulendran, communities displaced by civil war