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Torovestimenta is a utilitarian line of clothing designed for border crossing developed by the collective Torolab. Established in 1995 in Tijuana, Mexico, Torolab is a socially engaged collective committed to improving the lives of people in the transborder region through ideologically advanced design. The Torovestimenta line features the Transborder Trousers that act as a survival suit for border crossing. The pants are durable, made of heavy blue-denim, and built with wide legs to support multiple inside pockets. There are a series of flat interior pockets specifically sized to fit the Mexican passport and visa card for Mexicans entering the United States. Conversely for Americans who may not need entry documents at all, there are pockets designed to support credit cards, cash or pharmaceuticals purchased at a discount in Mexico.


Mexico, United States


The project was inspired by the contested territory of Tijuana in an effort to design utilitarian products and interventions that address border politics, migrant identity and improve the quality of life in the trans-border region.

Beneficial outcomes

Clothing articles specifically designed for people crossing the US / Mexico border in both directions.

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