Nr. 004 / 1998 - 2005 / United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates



Superflex and Sean Treadway


Superchannel is a network of local studios used by people and communities as a discussion forum, presentation medium and a physical gathering place. It is a tool that enables users to produce internet TV, directly engaging users in the creation and evolution of content. During live productions, the spectators could interact directly with the producer through a chat and with the other viewers.


United States, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates


To investigate the communicative processes by producing and making available online TV content.

Beneficial outcomes

It generates a place of gathering and discussion and gives the users the freedom to produce their own internet TV content. In total, more than 30 studios opened in very different locations. Even after Superchannel stopped its activities in 2005, some of the studios, continue to be active using now other media platforms.

Maintained by

Gallery, Neirbourg community; Kunsthalle Wien, Fruitmarket Gallery (Edinburgh); New Museum (N.Y); 5th International Bienniale in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates; GfZk Gallery; Trapholt Museum of Modern Art, Chiang Mai Art Museum, About Art Related Activities (AARA).


Superflex, Citizens