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Nr. 163 / 2003 / United States

The Patriot Library


Finishing School, Christy Thomas


The project consists of a collection of documents such as books, periodicals and other media that could be considered dangerous without questioning the motivation of the user. The archive keeps no records of users' personal information or which materials they consult. It offers printed books, manuscripts, maps, photographs, prints and drawings, sound recordings, digital images and artifacts. The organisers of the project oppose any governmental action which may lead to intimidation of its users or to limit intellectual freedom. This project was first presented at Lucky Tackle, an art gallery in Oakland, CA. It is currently available online.


United States


The Patriot Library's goal is to provide free access to books, periodicals, and other media which may be censured because considered dangerous. It makes available the widest diversity of views and expressions and it opposes and challenges all attempts to impose censorship. The project is nomadic and can be replicated and take on various spatial configurations.

Beneficial outcomes

The Patriot Library offers access to these materials, returning them to the public domain.

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The initiators


Citizens, Christy Thomas, artists collective Finishing School