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Nr. 520 / 1998 - ongoing / United States, Denmark

Temporary Services

Artful solutions to local urgencies


Brett Bloom, Salem Collo-Julin and Marc Fischer


Temporary Services started as an experimental exhibition space in a working class neighbourhood of Chicago. It was initiated by the desire to provide art as a service to others, to pay attention to the social context alongside the cheap restaurants, dollar stores, currency exchanges, and temporary employment agencies on the street.
Not immediately recognisable as an art space to stave off the stereotypical role art plays in the gentrification neighbourhoods. Temporary Services offer artful solutions to specific urgencies taking the form of posters, A-boards, newsstands, libraries, print shops and various content delivery systems


United States, Denmark


The aim of Temporary Services is to reverse the power dynamics within the art world, giving the position of judging how art is seen and interpreted to the people. Moreover, to enhance the lived experience and the places we inhabit on a daily basis.

Beneficial outcomes

Increased physical, social and mental wellbeing for individual and group users.

Maintained by

Assorted activists, artists and contributors


marginalized and disadvantaged populations