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Nr. 184 / 1990 - ongoing / Italy

Stalker/Osservatorio Nomade


Francesco Careri, Aldo Innocenzi, Romolo Ottaviani, Giovanna Ripepi, Lorenzo Romito, Valerio Romito


Stalker is a collective of architects and researcher, particularly active in Rome, who founded Osservatorio Nomade (ON) a network composed by artists, activists, architects and urban planners that are working experimentally to create self-organised spaces and situations. Their methodology of urban research uses participative tools like collective walking, oral history and mapping, as a way to address spaces which have been either disregarded or neglected in order to address urban planning and territorial issues. Using tactical and playful interventions, they create transformations in the space through the collaboration with those who inhabit it. They worked with Roma and gypsy populations of Europe, Kurdish migrants and homeless, among the others.




Proposes experimental strategies for intervention founded on exploratory spatial practices, using playful, convivial, and interactive tactics that relate to an environment, its inhabitants and their local culture. Such practices and methods are conceived to catalyze and develop evolutionary and self-organizing processes specifically related to architecture and urban planning. They work with the local community that is interested in their buildings and in the possibility for adapting them at different uses.

Beneficial outcomes

Their projects show a commitment to those that society abandons and their method collectively tries to build projects with them.

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Citizens, artists, architects, urban planners, scientists and activists.