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Nr. 576 / 2012 - 2015 / México

Sidra Pino, remnants of a series

A performing arts and social intervention project


Juan de Dios Rath, Ariadna Medina, Jorge Vargas, Noé Morales, Eduardo Bernal, Mario Galván, María José Pool, Amaury Alonzo, Josué Abraham, Manuel Estrella.


For more than a century soda bottling beverages produced by Sidra Pino left a deep mark in the culinary tradition of Yucatán. In 2011 the factory in Merida was abandoned by her last administration and closed its doors permanently. The consequences of this closure are multiple and complex. Along with the struggle of the workers who remained in the street without any compensation. Or the discovery of the stories that these products have generated in the memory of generations of Yucatan.
In a process of four years and through having contacts with workers, lawyers, descendants of the Pino family, founders and former owners of the company, a series of events were generated: a campaign of dissemination about the situation (spots) and actions in the public space.
Murmurante Producciones performed a theater play with reliable information and data about the impunity of the owner who joined the lawsuit for the workers, whilst he was already in negotiations with the local government for another real estate project (while hiding in a place in Miami). The play was the trigger for the intervention of the agents of the National Union and the government for the resolution of the conflict.




1. To make visible tension between local and global issues, between right and legal, the objectual waste of a vanished industry, constellations of affections, subjects and stories organized around products by Sidra Pino, are the axes on which Murmurante Theatre for four years has proposed building scenic devices to investigate what happens when consumer objects transcend its value in use and in many ways become a relic of another era that continues influencing the current imagination of a region.

2. To make visible the strike of the workers who were abandoned by the last owner of the factory.

3. Support the workers with scenic devices until they finally received their compensations according to the law in 2015.

Beneficial outcomes

- After five years of strike, 48 workers obtained their compensation in accordance with the law in 2015.
- The campaign in collaboration with Murmurante (events, spots and actions in the public space) provided networks of collaboration and funding resources to maintain the strike.
- Some scenic objects such as the "devil sonidero" became tools for protest marches and demostrations.

Maintained by

Murmurante Producciones A.C. Workers of Sidra Pino


48 workers from Sidra Pino, members of the community of Merida and other cities in Mexico who participated in artistic presentations and other actions.