Archive / Residuos Urbanos Sólidos (RUS)

Nr. 133 / 2001- ongoing / Peru, US, Argentina, UK, Spain

Residuos Urbanos Sólidos (RUS)




Residuos Urbanos Sólidos repurposed local waste in the context of an art installation at each location. In Lima, the group rehabilitated an abandoned railway, creating an amusement park along the tracks. In Miami school children made musical instruments out of car parts. Basurama also introduced the cheap plastic material PET into the traditional weaving methods of Cordoba, Argentina.


Peru, US, Argentina, UK, Spain


To be a forum for discussion and reflection on trash, waste and reuse. To study those phenomena inherent in the massive production of real and virtual trash in consumer society, providing points of view on the subject that might generate new thoughts and attitudes.

Beneficial outcomes

Local waste is transformed in useful installations or objects.

Maintained by

Basurama, Host institutions


Collective Basurama, local organizations, Inhabitants