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Nr. 272 / 2008 - ongoing / Italy



Various Authors


The Biennale in Venice is definitely one of the major events that is spread throughout the city, but which rarely interacts with it and its inhabitants. For that reason, this project aims to reuse material from the biennale's closed exhibitions to create a shared project of regeneration, restoration, and reopening of urban spaces, such as the area of Santa Maria. This is also an occasion to take care of the city as complex net of social, functional and spatial relations.




To transform the city itself into a building site of ideas and facts. To give that sense that state institutions cannot give. To recycle the materials used for the art installation after the biennale events, in order to reuse them for new installations or furniture for Venetian art spaces, labs, not-for-profit institutions.

Beneficial outcomes

The stockpiled materials are recycled by being put to use when setting up exhibitions; the reopening and restoration of public gardens in the St. Marta area of the city; the rebuilding and renovation by the occupants themselves of a number of squats; breathing new life into the ‘laboratorio Morion’.

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IUAV Students, Architects, Venice Biennale Foundation, Sale Docks, Laboratiorio Morion.