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Nr. 494 / 2009 - ongoing / Albania

Project for the Tirana Facades


Edi Rama


Since 2001, the mayor of Tirana, Edi Rama was the main promoter of the project Tirana Facades. The goal was to reconsider the urban architecture, in a city marked by a strong urban decay. Edi Rama decided that color was the way to change the urban image, to revitalize former socialist blocks and housing complexs. In fact, the first work was made right on the mayor’s own façade.




The main goal was to create a project that would further stimulate civic pride, faith in progressive public politics, and a taste for communal aesthetics.

Beneficial outcomes

The immediate beneficiaries of this project are the inhabitants of the building who got a resurfaced, repainted and iconic façade. But, and perhaps more importantly, both the inhabitants as well as passers-by are the beneficiaries of a reconstituted social environment and a manifest hope in the transformative powers of public art.

Maintained by

The intervention was produced by the City Hall of Tirana and is maintained by the tenants of the building.


Helidon Gjergji, Anri Sala, Hans Ulrich Obrist and other artists, tenants of the building, citizens and visitors of Tirana.