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Nr. 546 / 2013 - ongoing / Worldwide

Phone Story

An educational game about the hidden social costs of smartphone manufacturing


Michael Pineschi


Phone Story is an educational game about the hidden social costs of smartphone manufacturing. Follow your phone's journey from the Coltan mines of the Congo to the electronic waste dumps in Pakistan through four colorful mini-games. Compete with market forces in an endless spiral of technological obsolescence. You can keep Phone Story in your favorite device as a reminder of your impact on this world. All revenues from the sale of this app will be donated to organizations working to solve the issues mentioned in this game.




"Do not pretend that you are not complicit." Creating awareness of the sacrifices in the production of the phone using a mainstream engagement platform.

Beneficial outcomes

The "dark side" of electronics manufacturing became a prominent issue in the public debate. Donated to a Foxconn factory worker who suffered serious injuries from attempted suicide.

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