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Nr. 588 / 2022 - ongoing / Italy

Part-time Resistance

Stories of resistance to labour and segregation narrated through gestures that were devised to emancipate oneself from a state of constraint through acts of sabotage


Nico Angiuli


Part-time Resistance aims to disseminate stories of resistance to labour and segregation that have germinated in various historical, political and geographical contexts. The work is inspired by three events dating back to the 20th century. Each of these three stories unfolds through three components: a photographic triptych (3 photos, 70 " 50 cm each), a sound piece (about 4 minutes long, to be listened to through headphones) and an in-presence workshop held by a human book (with a duration of at least 3 hours, and a maximum of 15 participants). The core of the project revolves around the generative transmission of practices of resistance, assimilated by those who join the workshop guided by the human books – i.e. the artist or a participant from a previous workshop, who agreed to contribute to the dissemination of its contents.




The work is now part of the collection of the MACTE Museum but it stays alive thanks to the commitment of the human books, those who will decide to host the project and the participants of future workshops, who will help to incorporate new methodologies and stories to the inherited ones. The newly developed acts of resistance will nourish an open repertoire, becoming part of the shared intangible legacy of Part-time Resistance.

Beneficial outcomes

Each group participating in the workshop enacts the original gestures of resistance together with the new ones devised by those who participated in former workshops, generating a choral space. In doing so, the selected movements of resistance will acquire new forms of use and other meanings, thus being interpreted as transmissible forms of knowledge that can continue to exist.

Maintained by

Initial supporters were PAC2020-Piano per l'Arte Contemporanea promoted by the Italian Ministry of Culture and it is now maintained by MACTE Museum


Everyone who experience a state of constraint of body, labour and freedom