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Nr. 071 / 2008 - ongoing / Mexico

Palas por pistolas

Melted weapons were reused to create shovels, which serve to plant trees


Pedro Reyes


The project involved the citizens in the public destruction of weapons using a steamroller in a military base. Subsequently, the metal was reused to create shovels, which served to plant trees. On the handle of each shovel blade, there is a description that shows how the weapon has now become a peaceful instrument. The project was supported by a local TV station, which invited citizens to give up a weapon, and also, a local chain store which gave a coupon to be used for shopping by anyone who gave up a weapon.




To make the public aware that there is a direct relationship between crime and the number of weapons in circulation.

Beneficial outcomes

During the first campaign, 1527 weapons were collected.

Maintained by

Botanical Garden, Culiacán (2008); Vancouver Art Gallery (2008); San Francisco Art Institute (2008); Maison Rouge, Paris (2008); Lyon Biennial (2009); Marfa, Texas (2010); Denver, Colorado (2010)


Pedro Reyes, local chain store, schools, inhabitants.