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Nr. 202 / 2010 - ongoing / Cameroon

New Walk Ways in New Bell


Kamiel Verschuren


The city of Douala in Cameroon had a huge problem associated with malfunctioning water drainage systems. This is due the fact that in many illegally constructed areas of the town, the sewers are without cover, and after heavy rainfall, this would generally lead to floods and related threats to public health.
Verschuren covered approximately 2km of open-air gutters in the New Bell neighbourhood, with long wooden boards on which the artist wrote texts and
words associated with water.




The project offers inhabitants the possibility of mastering and improving their living conditions, inviting them to lead spontaneous collective activities such as
the functional work of Verschuren.

Beneficial outcomes

The project was much appreciated by the people living in New Bell, including the 'chief', who took it upon himself to make sure that people gain more consciousness on how to deal with garbage produced in the neighbourhood in order to keep the sewer – and the drinking water – from becoming more polluted.

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Kamiel Vershuren, Lucas Grandin, inhabitants of New Bell (Douala)