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New Day New Standard (now the “Domestic Worker App”)

A public art nanny hotline




The Domestic Worker App is a hotline outlining rights and laws for nannies with funny episodes about topics such overtime wages, taxes, vacation time, etc.
When you call the hotline number, you hear what sounds like a radio talk show, ‘hosted’ by Christine Lewis (a real nanny), who explains to you the worker’s rights and laws. It operates as an open-source tool that effectively reaches low-wage workers with low print-literacy levels.


United States


The aim is to create a collective of artists, advocates, media makers, low-wage workers, immigrants, and youth to spark social change through constituency-led campaigns.
The Domestic Worker App was designed to inform the 200,000+ nannies, housekeepers, and caregivers in New York State about the landmark 2010 Domestic Workers Bill of Rights.

Beneficial outcomes

Fundamentally, better working conditions for nannies.
The Domestic Worker App functions as a key component of a various state's campaigns that seek to encourage domestic workers and their employers to comply with the law.
It has grown to a nation-wide initiative intended for 2.5 million workers across the U.S.

Maintained by

Tribeca Film Festival, Rockefeller Foundation, Funding Exchange, North Star Fund, MIT Community Service Fund, MIT Council for the Arts, NuLawLab, individual donors.


Nannies, housekeepers, elder caregivers, and their employers. REV-, People’s Production House, Domestic Workers United, MIT Center for Civic Media, Community Development Project of the Urban Justice Center.