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Nr. 164 / 2008 / United States

Love apples


Fallen Fruit, Islands LA


The initiators, in collaboration with residents, planted 72 tomato plants in 12 traffic islands around the city. Tomatoes were planted on empty and irrigated public space to suggest an alternative use and occupation of the public space. Users were invited to sample but not hoard the produce. At the end of the project, a map was created to invite users to discover these new urban spaces and taste the tomatoes.


United States


The project tested the definition and use of public space in the city of Los Angeles, imagining new ways in which such spaces could be utilised differently.

Beneficial outcomes

The re-use of public spaces and the fact that public sampled the tomatoes.

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Fallen Fruit/Islands LA


Fallen Fruit (David Burns, Matias Viegener, and Austin Young), Islands of LA (created by Ari Kletzky), citizens of LA