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Nr. 481 / 2001 - 2006 / Kosovo, The Netherlands, United Kingdom

Kosovo Box


Shirin Homann-Saadat


The project consists iof a construction manual, conceived as a recipe book, dedicated to women in Kosovo addressing the lack of sheltering space after the Balkan War. The content of the box has been created throughout worksps by women from Prishtina and Vushtrri and it was developed in collaboration with the School of Architecture in Prishtina and in London.


Kosovo, The Netherlands, United Kingdom


Propose a solution for the lack of shelter for women.

Beneficial outcomes

Some of the Kosovo Box‘s architectural ideas were integrated into an architectural local proposal; women of Vushtrri formed a group and occupied the building site for their ’women only-building’ (finally the site was not given to the women and the house was not built); the project was published in architectural journals in England and Germany and shown on Kosovo media.

Maintained by

School of Architecture Prishtina, Metropolitan School of Architecture London, Architectural Summer Hamburg, Uta Homann Minden, Kunstlerhaus Hamburg-Bergedorf, galerie Xprssns Hamburg


Women of Vushtrri / Kosovo, Radio Vushtrri, Metropolitan School of Architecture London, School of Architecture, Prefecture Architecture UK, Prishtina, Shirin Homann-Saadat.