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Nr. 234 / 1996 - ongoing / United States, Australia, Europe

Joanie 4 Jackie


Miranda July


The project consisted of an underground and independent film network for women to share their movies. In a pre-Youtube era, the project functioned as a platform to share and see each other's work in a field where women were massively underrepresented. The network connected directors and filmmakers internationally throughout screenings, and over 200 movies was distributed through a 'chainletter' system: filmmakers contacted J4J sending their work and they received a compilation with nine others. In 2017 the Getty Research Institute acquired the complete archives, which consist of 27 boxes of tapes, posters, letters and the archives of artists such as Yvonne Rainer, Robert Mapplethorpe and Carolee Schneemann.


United States, Australia, Europe


To enable female film directors to share their movies.

Beneficial outcomes

Promoting the widespread circulation of material, which might never be seen otherwise.

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Miranda July


Miranda July, Filmmakers and film lovers.