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Nr. 472 / 2012 - ongoing / Coniston, United Kingdom

Honest Shop

A village shop that sells homemade produced articles or products on an honesty basis


Grizedale Arts


A village shop in Coniston is stocked by local producers with everything from farm meat and vegetables to paintings and knitted goods. The produce is all homemade and brought in by local suppliers. Customers are invited to buy goods in the shop for an 'honest' price, there are guideline price tags attached to the items by the producer but customers are expected to pay what they consider an honest, suitable price for the item. On paying for and taking this item they must make a note in the sales ledger of what they bought and for how much so the suppliers can get honest feedback on their produce. This practise encourages a move to closer communal way of living. 80% of takings go to the supplier whilst 20% goes to the general upkeep of the Coniston institute.


Coniston, United Kingdom


To provide a retail outlet for local producers.
To create a portrait of the village community.
To rejuvenate the Coniston Institute and generate local production.
To create stronger community bonds whilst working toward a better way of life.

Beneficial outcomes

Restored building; sales point; income generation; created local economy and a meeting place.
It also improved visitor numbers to other facilities.

Maintained by

Coniston Institute


The local community, village producers and suppliers, visitors/tourists to the area.