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Nr. 233 / 1998 - ongoing / Senegal

Hamdallaye Project

A sociocultural centre of creativity improving local core competencies into professional skills


Huit Facettes


Les ateliers d’Hamdallaye is a socio-cultural centre in Hamdallaye Samba M'Baye - 500 kilometres south of Dakar–, which aims to bring together local and international artists, a village community and a nongovernmental organisation. It operates through workshops lasting between one and two weeks. Through the dialogue of Hamdallaye residents, artists from Senegal, Rwanda and Belgium, the initiators decided to focus on particular kinds of skills related to art, development and arts& craft.
The project encourages the strengthening of the relationship between the urban and the suburban allowing participants to benefit from the result of the workshops.




The goal was to improve the residents' core competencies and turn them into professional skills (i.e., under-glass painting, ceramics, batik dyeing, carving, weaving, embroidery).

Beneficial outcomes

The participants enhance their skills and creativity in a useful way. The relationships that Huit Facettes initiated with various social groups have been maintained even after the conclusion of the workshop.

Maintained by

Huit Facettes, Vredeseilanden, Local practitioners


Huit Facettes (Abdoulaye N'Doye, El Hadji Sy, Fode Camara, Cheikh Niass, Jean Marie Bruce, Mor Lisa Ba and Amadou Kane Sy (Kan-Si)), residents of Hamdallaye