Archive / Haircuts by Children

Nr. 077 / 2006 - 2007 / United States, Canada, Australia

Haircuts by Children


Darren O'Donnell


Darren O'Donnell worked with children between the ages of eight and twelve trained by professional hairstylists and paid to run a real hair salon, to offer free haircuts, both in public parks and in salons.


United States, Canada, Australia


The project asks both those who submit to haircuts and those who merely watch to see children as creative and competent individuals capable of aesthetic decisions, just as they will one day be citizens capable of political decisions.

Beneficial outcomes

By interacting directly with the community, creating relationships and involving rigorously framed participation, audience members not only got free haircuts; their awareness about children citizenship rights was also raised.


Darren O´Donnell, Students, inhabitants.