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Nr. 329 / 1991 - 2000 / The Netherlands

Haagse Beek


Krijn Giezen


The artist was commissioned by the Foundation Artivisual Landscape and the International Federation of Landscape Architects to research the context of The Hague Stream in order to propose a project for a new perception of the stream. As a result of his research, he speculated on its purification, using elements that were already on site. It emerged that the 7,5 kilometres long course were a relocated, unnatural and canalised watercourse with no visible source and that it was heavily polluted and contaminated.


The Netherlands


Adding the least possible, using what is available on the spot, rearranging already existing elements, combining future building activities and art at an early stage.

Beneficial outcomes

Krijn Giezen has made visible the source of the Haagse Beek, a stream running through The Hague and flowing out into the Hofvijver, in the middle of the city centre.

Maintained by

IFLA (International Federation of Landscape Architects), 'Artivisual Landscapes' congress.


Krijn Giezen, Hamilton Finlay, Remco Scha, Herman de Vries, Bertus de Jong, residents of Den Haag.