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Nr. 532 / 1998 - ongoing / UK

Granby Four Streets Regeneration

A successful grass roots approach to securing community assets and using them as a springboard to wider regeneration initiatives


Granby Residents Association, That blooming Green Triangle, Granby Street Market, Granby Four Streets Community Land Trust, Granby Somali Women's Group, Steinbeck Studios, Assemble, A Sense of Place. Terrace 21 Co-op


Granby Four Streets Project emerged from the activism of a group of residents in one of Liverpool's neglected inner-city wards. The previous activism led to a call for arms against the status quo, which led to the community forming a Community Land Trust, securing assets from the Local Authority and taking the regeneration of their immediate surroundings into genuine community ownership. They have done it and will continue to invest in collaborative, participative action to creatively use their immediate environment for the benefit of all community members.




The aim is to build a thriving, vibrant and sustainable community; filled with a diversity of creative local's empowered by the history of the area. The CLT is a vehicle in which community assets will be owned by the people, be used for the people and benefit their immediate surroundings.

Beneficial outcomes

A vibrant, sustainable, affordable and desirable community to live in for local residents. A place in which the urban environment forms communal spaces in which activities are the basis of neighbourly interactions. They have proved that taking the people's concerns, lives and love into the streets forms the basis of a prosperous community working outside the realms of the housing profit motive.

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Granby Community Land Trust


Residents of the 'Granby Triangle', Liverpool 8, the wider Liverpool Community and visitors.