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Free for all


Temporary Services


Over 50 artists, individuals and organisations have been asked to realise a work to be distributed for free at a one-day-only event. Artists' work were integrated with a wide range of material submerging the work in a broader context. Religious tracts, booklets, flyers, stickers, matchbooks, posters, audio tapes, and postcards were among the items given away for free. Visitors could collect the artworks in free boxes provided by the organisers, no restrictions were placed and what or how much works visitors could take. A series of instructions suggested how people could use and display the portable collection.


United States


Point out the vast amount of sheer surplus that American Culture generates.

Beneficial outcomes

The visitors could get anything they wanted for free. And they can re-enact the action to get for free the products samples of medicines, food, booklets.

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It was part of an exhibition titled "6/6". It was located at the School of Fine Arts Gallery at Indiana University.


Temporary Services, Tony Alamo, Matti Allison, Anonymous, María José Barandiarán & Michael Bulka, Baur Au Lac Zürich, Bible Helps, Shawn Calvert, Charm School Industries, Coalition for Positive Sexuality, Credit Suisse, Wilfrid Désir, Jim Duignan, Anthony Elms & Joel Score, Ending the Begin Tract League, Evangelical Tract Distributors, Fellowship Tract League, F.T.L., Nicolas Floc'h, Grace & Truth, Emily Jacir, Jews For Jesus, Kevin Kaempf, Kim and Mike, Nance Klehm, Kate Kranack, Liberation Rock, Josh MacPhee, Ryan McGinness, Adam Mikos, Mr. Nash, Ralph Nielsen, Leah Oates, Old Paths Tract Society Inc., Krista Peel, Michael Piazza, Pilgrim Tract Society, Inc., Ben Rubin, Bob Shaw, David Shrigley, Shy Girl, Owen Smith, Dana Sperry, Jocelyn Superstar 2000, Temporary Services, Threadculture, Several Unknown Individuals, Vladlen Voronin, Oli Watt and visitors.