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Nr. 213 / 2005 - 2011 / The Netherlands

Face Your World

Face Your World encourages youngsters to develop a critical opinion about their own home environment.


Jeanne van Heeswijk


The project was set up as a tailor-made educational program for the youngster to explore and participate in the process of city renewal. To help them it was developed the so-called Interactor software, an interactive tool to enable users to rebuild their neighbourhood. The software creates a virtual environment which represents the neighbourhood and enables users to see the result of its modification while it has been used.


The Netherlands


The project enables young people to investigate the environment in which they live. It gives them instruments so that they can – like a genuine town planner – change their environment.

Beneficial outcomes

In the Stedelijklab which is essentially a gym hall converted into a design studio, students designed a new park, Staalmanpark. The designs were not only based on their own wishes, but also on those of other local residents.
In 2011, their new Staalmanpark was opened.

Maintained by

SKOR, Amsterdam City Council.


Students of the Professor Einstein Elementary School, students of the Calvijn Junior College (lower secondary professional education), Jeanne van Heeswijk, Dennis Kaspori, Slotervaart’s design department and outside experts, inhabitants of Slotervaart