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Nr. 480 / 2000 - ongoing / Argentina

Energia Alternativa para Isla Paulino


Ala Plastica


After the tragic oil spill from the petrochemicals situated at the banks of the canal in the La Plata harbour, which caused a lack of electricity, Ala Plastica proposed to install 32 solar panels to supply the lack.
They encouraged a group of inhabitants to organise themselves into an association in order to manage the installation of the solar panels. The project aimed to stop the expansion of petrochemicals, and create a protected natural and cultural landscape. The strategy was to involve a community formed by diverse actors (neighboors, associations, religious groups, policy makers, local institutions, and collectives) with experts in different fields (political experts, biologists, engineers, artists, etc.).




To provide solar energy for inhabitants. To create a plan based on the understanding of their ecosystem and their infrastructure. To create a law to keep this landscape as protected.

Beneficial outcomes

Electricity was provided for many local houses. The whole process was guided by ideas based in the values that the community wished: the energy installation; the building of a citizenship; strengthening of the community and the territorial design.

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