Archive / Design for the Alien Within

Nr. 229 / 2006 - ongoing / Online and built installations

Design for the Alien Within

Design tool to help equip people’s homes to meet the needs of undocumented immigrants.


Jenny Polak


The project consists of a web-based interactive design tool to help people in designing spaces to hide undocumented immigrants in different locations. The initiator built a prototype of furniture with space for hiding people, which was displayed in several art galleries.


Online and built installations


To raise awareness about the precarious living conditions and danger faced by people living and working without immigration papers, and promote resistance to anti-immigrant authorities.

Beneficial outcomes

By initiating ‘in-store’ gallery performances, the artist was able to bring additional awareness to the project and the issue.

Maintained by

Jenny Polak and art galleries where her work is exhibited.


Anyone can visit the website, Furniture installations can be borrowed or commisioned Artist, Jenny Polak, 3D interaction designer Peter Mackey.