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Nr. 007 / 1974 - 1987 / United States

Crossroads Community (The Farm)

A life-scale environmental and social artwork


Bonnie Ora Sherk


Located on 7 acres adjacent to the intersection of several freeway overpasses in San Francisco, The Farm was the home of over 70 domestic animals, gardens, a theatre, a state preschool, an art gallery, a communal kitchen, and a punk rock club. Neighborhood residents, as well as the art community, were invited to participate in The Farm’s interdisciplinary, environmentally oriented activities.


United States


As a life-scale environmental and social artwork, it brought many people from different disciplines and cultures together with each other and other species—plants and animals. The project involved extensive land transformation including the integration of disparate land parcels—all adjacent to and incorporating a major freeway interchange into a new city culture-ecology park.

Beneficial outcomes

The Farm transitioned into a new city park with community gardens.

Maintained by

The Trust For Public Land


Bonnie Ora Sherk, neighborhood residents and art community.