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Nr. 298 / 1995 - ongoing / The Netherlands

Circuit II

A circuit for wheelchairs in the dunes.


John Körmeling


Körmeling has created a circuit for wheelchairs for the inhabitants of Nieuw Unicum Foundation, a communal accommodation facility for physically handicapped people in the dune area of Zandvoort. The artist has thus transformed his art work in a project designed to improve the life of these people and let them enjoy the natural environment at the same time. Slopes and turns, are designed to give easy access for wheelchairs. The project was completed with a film "Stichting Earthquake" about how to use the circuit.


The Netherlands


Increase the possibilities of movement and freedom through the dunes to the wheelchair's users.

Beneficial outcomes

The dwellers of Nieuw Unicum could go outside through the dunes with their wheelchairs.

Maintained by

Stichting Nieuw Unicum, SKOR


Stichting Terremoto (UlrikeHelmer and Boris Everts), Residents of Nieuw Unicum.