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Nr. 264 / 2006 - ongoing / Spain

Bionic Sheep

System to protect flocks of sheep


Fernando García-Dory


The bionic sheep project comprises a device (Flock Protection System) placed around the neck of the sheep that emits an ultrasonic signal, audible and annoying only for wolves and other canidae. This first prototype was field tested in 2008. Another prototype had also been developed, equipped with a system of geo-positioning which transmits a signal to the PDA of the shepherd who can see where the flock of sheep is localised. Both devices have been developed with the assistance of shepherds.




To develop a portable, solar-powered, ultrasonic Flock Protection System to help shepherds protect their sheep.

Beneficial outcomes

The Flock Protection System provides a technological and creative solution to the age-old pastoral rivalry of the shepherd and the wolf so that wildlife and farmers can co-exist in harmony. The system is intended to have an open source license (such as the TAPR Noncommercial Hardware License) meaning that any interested person or organisation would be free to reproduce and improve it.

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Fernando García-Dory.


Fernando García-Dory, Dorian Moore, Stewart Breck, Research Wildlife Biologist - National Wildlife Research Center Yellowstone/ Eugenio Sillero ISOM & Dpto. Ingeniería Electrónica - E.T.S.I. de Telecomunicación / National Park of Picos de Europa / Laboral Centro de Arte / Libellium, sheeps and shepherds.