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Nr. 025 / 2008 / Cuba

Acceso a lo denegado

Internet access to Cuban citizens.


Núria Güell


Acceso a lo denegado, was a project that provided internet access to Cuban citizens, as the Cuban telecommunication enterprise only offers the service to foreigners and denies it to residents. The payment for the service was based on bartering system, in exchange for it people offered the artist information about how a foreigner could understand the Cuban system. Through this project, a standard of strategies and insights on Cuba was developed, and is shown in the documentation stages of the piece.




‘Providing Cuban citizens with access to internet for whoever wants to use it. Changing power relationships established by the Cuban state on the use of free information through internet.’ (N. Güell).

Beneficial outcomes

Access to internet.

Maintained by

Núria Güell


Núria Güell, 37 Cubans could use the free service