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Nr. 370 / 2000 - ongoing / Argentina

AA Project

Memory database and participatory map of Delta region.


Ala Plastica


Ala Plastica has developed the AA project in collaboration with schools, which are the point of connection between local families. Through the collection of oral information, it was possible to create a memory database with family photos and narratives, supplemented with land and satellite maps, to create a comprehensive picture of the Rio de la Plata delta region. Thanks to the collected information the group built embankments to prevent flood damage, developing training programmes in carpentry, beekeeping and organic farming for the inhabitants of the area.




To design a cognitive, participatory map, whose purpose was to recover local knowledge of the region's topography, habitats and cultural-agricultural traditions.

Beneficial outcomes

The community members exchanged information and generated effective alternatives to the governmental proposal of the IIRSA as the "Integral Strategic Plan for the Conservation and Sustainable Use of the Paraná Delta" (PIECAS-DP).

Maintained by

Ala Plastica, activist groups and ONGs.


The artists, residents of the area