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Nr. 476 / 2012 / The Netherlands

A Parasitical Breed of Consumer

Awareness about local sources of useful leftovers from supermarkets and food distributors


Jeannette Petrik


The focus of this case study is on leftovers of supermarkets as distributors of food, especially the Ekoplaza supermarkets in Eindhoven. Petrik collected their 'waste' material, mostly consisting of fruit and vegetables. The amount of vegetables and fruit thrown away daily is vast and normally in a good condition, so Petrik decided to apply techniques of preservation and conservation such as sausage making, drying and curing in order to lift quickly decaying materials of low economic value. The tools needed for these processes are also made by the 'parasite' herself, again, out of leftover low quality materials which are transformed into useful objects through the application of craft techniques and skills.


The Netherlands


To raise awareness on the local sources of useful leftovers and other materials in Eindhoven.
To exemplify possible uses through the demonstration thereof (in a working project space and through a publication, the 'parasite' cookbook') to a wide range of users.

Beneficial outcomes

People can reuse leftovers from the supermarket for free.

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Jeannette Petrik


The initiator and those who take up the process.