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Nr. 248 / 2006 - 2008 / Italy

100% Pubblica

Project about water, water privatization & mapping of public fountains


Lorenza Cossutta, Giulia Gabrielli, Isabella Sannipoli


Italians were the first consumers of bottled mineral water in the world, and this produces high costs and levels of pollution from plastic bottles. The project 100% Pubblica puts attention on the issue of water privatisation. Through this initiative, bottles of 0.5 lt. of water and a map of the public fountains were given to people. This project also allows users to explore areas of the city outside the canonical tourist paths.




The aim is to promote the use of water as public goods, a human inheritance, a cooperation and solidarity source, respecting the further generations’ rights.
To make people aware that water is a primary and vital resource and should be free for everyone.
To stop plastic consumption.

Beneficial outcomes

Citizens and tourists got free bottles of water and a map of the town displaying public fountains.

Maintained by

Lorenza Cossutta, Giulia Gabrielli, Isabella Sannipoli.


The artists, citizens and tourists.