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October 21, 2015

Office of Useful Art Liverpool

Day 2 of the 'Office of Useful Art: 2015 - Localist Worker'

Day 2 begins with a discussion between Alistair Hudson, John Byrne and MA students from Liverpool John Moores Universities MA Programmes (Fine Art, Fashion, Graphics and Illustration, Exhibition Studies and Urban Design). Alistair and John collaborated with students in a discussion around ‘Curating Collaboration’ and the ideas, logics (and counter logics) behind the ‘Office of Useful Art’ platform. Students were also introduced to Radames Anja and Thiago Hersan who will be joining us in the Office from FactLab. In the afternoon Patrick Fox (Director) and Kat Dempsey (Lead Producer) of Heart of Glass, St. Helens UK led a discussion about their projects and broader issues of art, funding and social inclusion.