About / This Platform

This platform is designed as a tool kit for users, hosting projects and information related to Arte Útil. It is intended as a site for research and exchange for its users.

On this platform users can read and download projects from the growing archive of over 200 Arte Útil case studies. Users are invited to propose new projects to be included in the archive, which we view as open source and permanently in development. Similarly in the tools section users can download designs for the archive structure, which can be adapted and re-purposed depending upon the context within which it is shown. In this way users have the tools to research, curate and construct different formulations of the Arte Útil archive. The studies section details different moments when the archive has been activated by various users.


This platform also serves as a focus point for the Asociación of Arte Útil, a network of individual, collective or institutional users who hold affinity with the criteria of Arte Útil. Users can join the association or sign up to the Arte Útil newsletter on this platform.