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Welcome to the Asociación de Arte Util, a new, international membership organisation that seeks to promote and implement Arte Útil.

The idea of art that is useful or that is effective, is not new; before the autonomous orientations of Modern Art resonated through the 19th and 20th centuries, art predominately operated as a religious, ritual, practical or educational tool as part of daily life.

The Asociación de Arte Útil was initiated by the artist Tania Bruguera and, in line with the Criteria of Arte Útil , it is now being evolved by a growing user group into an international body to promote ways for art to work effectively in ordinary life and to initiate and support new initiatives that fulfill the Criteria of Arte Útil.

As the Asociación membership grows we will build a growing social, political and active network of members, a communication forum for Arte Útil activity, regular updates, newsletters on activities of the Asociación Members of the Asociación are invited to contribute to the evolution of Arte Útil practically and theoretically, as part of an initiative to reinstate art as a process that is fully integrated into society.


The Asociación provides:

A growing social, political and active network of members

A communication forum for the Asociación’s activity at www.arte-util.org

Regular email updates, on activities of the Asociación

A database of case studies and resources that exemplify the different working methodologies used in Arte Útil at www.arte-util.org

Opportunities to develop, support and contribute to new Arte Útil projects

Opportunities to participate in special events such as work parties, field trips and education seminars including the Annual John Ruskin Memorial Lecture

Invitations to an annual Asociación de Arte Útil convention

Opportunities, as part of the user group, to shape the future and direction of the Asociación


The Asociación de Arte Útil is part of an ongoing collaboration between Tania Bruguera, Grizedale Arts, Van Abbemuseum, Liverpool John Moores University and the Internationale confederation of European museums, Tate Liverpool, Ikon Gallery Birmingham and MIMA as part of the 5 year project ‘The Uses of Art: The Legacies of 1848 and 1989’. The Asociación de Arte Útil is co-directed by Tania Bruguera and Alistair Hudson (Whitworth and Manchester Art Galleries) in partnership with the Van Abbemuseum and FRAC Poitou-Charentes.

For more information contact@arte-util.org