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Nr. 473 / 2012 - ongoing / Germany, The Netherlands, India, Belgium, West-Kurdistan, Norway.

New World Summit


Jonas Staal


The New World Summit is an artistic and political organisation dedicated to hosting 'alternative parliaments' for those organisations that are currently excluded from democracy. Such lists include terrorist organisations considered a threat to international security. In the European Union, a secret committee, called Clearing House, compiles this list. Through art, and making use of legal tools, the goal of this project is to bypass the non-democratic laws that prohibit these people from travelling and lead to the freezing of bank accounts. The first three editions of the project are supplemented by an online archive documenting the histories, aims, locations, symbols.


Germany, The Netherlands, India, Belgium, West-Kurdistan, Norway.


New World Summit contributes to the promise of a ‘fundamental democracy’. The organisation has no fixed geographical location; it represents no nation state; no properties or indefinite claims on the right to speak. With each summit, a growing international political coalition of progressive groups, excluded from the society. Each summit can be considered as a democratic experiment. The goal is to expand the existing notion of politics by showing the current radical diversity of ideological struggle, while also creating the first international parliament for non-statist politics in the world.

Beneficial outcomes

The outcomes of the New World Summit are the development of an alternative global political infrastructure for non-statist politics. Through this project, the alternative parliaments aim at destabilizing existing power centres, and to prove that all political power starts with its imagination. Artists, architects, and designers are the ones who help give a human face to an increasingly suppresive form of capitalist-democracy (which we refer to as ‘democratism’). We can
imagine the world anew through our fidelity to the forces of an international democratization movement.

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