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Nr. 089 / 1999 / Sweden, The Netherlands

Light Therapy


Apolonija Šušteršič


The project consists of a room and a reception inside the museum where people can enjoy light therapy. In these areas, both furniture and clothes are white and the lights are bright. The project was conceived in Sweden where many inhabitants suffer for Seasonal Affective disorder. Equally, the Light Therapy Room took place in a modern art museum at a time when art institutions were undergoing rapid change and being used in different ways.
Advertising was carried through the local newspapers and flyers to inform users that light therapy was free and available to everybody.


Sweden, The Netherlands


To allow the museum to be used to different ends whilst offering visitors light therapy.

Beneficial outcomes

This treatment is used to fight Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), milder winter blues and sleep disorders caused by jet leg and overwork, or lack of daylight. It is a therapy with no proven side effects, which everyone can use. Light Therapy creates an artificial condition to improve our busy lives: "it is a “new prosthesis” to make our everyday lives easier. It is a tool, which artificially makes you happy”.

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